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To explore the aquatic world in Cape Verde is to embrace unknown wonders and learn from the diversity of marine life, cultivating humility and admiration.

We are in Cape Verde

Scuba Team Diving Center Cabo Verde is the first dive center officially opened on the Island of Sal, and has already accumulated 33 years of experience.
We are located 50 meters from the Hotel Morabeza ****.

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Cardume Verde

Take a deep breath and release the stress bubbles.

Go down with determination and allow your worries to float to the surface in the form of bubbles, releasing all your stress. In the deep waters, a world of tranquillity awaits, ready to envelop you with the unique sensation of freedom and peace.

Exclusive Underwater Adventure

Come and dive with us in the crystal-clear waters, discover an extremely diverse (manta rays, barracudas, sharks, turtles, lobsters, nudibranchs) and unique fauna, with a mixture of Atlantic-Mediterranean-Tropical characteristics, including more than 60 species endemic to this region… A real must for biologists, ecologists and photographers! Still unspoiled, undiscovered and, above all, unpolluted by excessive tourism.

Our Customers Are Satisfied

Marta Silva - Portugal

“Minha experiência de mergulho na Ilha do Sal foi incrível! A visibilidade nas águas cristalinas era impressionante. Os instrutores da empresa Scuba foram muito profissionais e atenciosos. Mal posso esperar para voltar!”

Pierre Dupont - FranCE

“J’ai eu la chance de plonger avec Scuba sur l’île de Sal. C’était une expérience exceptionnelle! Les fonds marins étaient magnifiques et l’équipe était très compétente. Je recommande vivement!”

Rita Santos - Portugal

“A experiência de mergulho com a ScubaTeam foi simplesmente espetacular! Ver tartarugas nadando ao nosso lado foi inesquecível. Os instrutores foram muito pacientes e atenciosos. Recomendo a todos!”

Sophie Martin - France

“Plonger à Sal avec ScubaTeam était une expérience inoubliable. Les coraux et les poissons colorés étaient à couper le souffle. L’équipe était très professionnelle et attentionnée. Je recommande vivement !”

David Johnson - United Kingdom

“My dive experience in Sal with ScubaTeam was nothing short of amazing. The underwater world was like a magical realm. The guides were knowledgeable and ensured our safety throughout. I can’t wait to return!”

Hans Schmidt - Deutschland

“Das Tauchen auf Sal mit ScubaTeam war ein unvergessliches Erlebnis! Die Vielfalt der Meereswelt war faszinierend. Die Tauchlehrer waren kompetent und freundlich. Ich komme auf jeden Fall wieder!”

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