33 years of experience.

Scuba Team Diving Center Cabo Verde is the first officially opened diving center on the Island of Sal, with 33 years of experience, based 50 meters from the Hotel Morabeza ****.
We communicate in French and Portuguese, as well as English, Castilian, Italian and, of course, Creole.

Young girl doing scuba-diving and exploring an underwater cave with walls covered by orange coral.
EGYPT, Red Sea, scuba divers inside the wreck of a sunken ship

Come dive with us

We visit 19 different dive sites, with depths ranging from 11m to 45m: plains or areas of marine relief, wrecks, caves, each with different characteristics.

Discover an extremely diverse (manta rays, barracudas, sharks, turtles, lobsters, nudibranchs) and unique fauna, with a mixture of Atlantic-Mediterranean-Tropical characteristics, including more than 60 species endemic to this region… A real must for biologists, ecologists and photographers! Still unspoiled, undiscovered and, above all, unpolluted by excessive tourism.

Accessible Location

Less than 5 hours from the mainland… An average ambient temperature of 25°C, the sea between 20 and 27°C, 340 days of sunshine a year. Still virgin for divers and without overfishing. Here, turtles and sharks are on the list of protected species.

We offer different dives every day, organizing each outing and preparing the boats according to the level and experience of each diver (19 different dive sites, depending on the level).

Professionalism and Safety

The dives are always guided and also programmed according to the sea conditions, ensuring that our clients can enjoy dives appropriate to their level, in a group and respecting the experience and needs of each diver.

We have brand new Beuchat equipment, subject to annual servicing. Regulators, vests and bottles are visually inspected every 5 years and are subject to testing in accordance with the requirements and legislation for amateur diving in the European Union.

Safety: VHF radio, cell phone, oxygen on board (dive sites between 5 and 30 minutes away from the center). Dive guides and instructors regularly updated, trained and with annually renewed licenses for first aid practices.

Service and Quality

We offer the maximum guarantee that our divers will enjoy unique dives, guided and always respecting the rules of diving safety, regardless of their diving level/experience.

Cape Verde does not have a hyperbaric chamber, so we ensure that safety rules and surface intervals between successive dives are always respected.

Our philosophy: To show you the greatest possible diversity of fauna, safely, while respecting your diving level/needs.
Our clients should finish a dive with the desire to do another… that is our wish!

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